Mobile Phone Watch Review: Final

Back last September, I reviewed my then-recent mobile phone watch purchase.

All in all, it has done me fairly well.  For this review, I'll do a simple pros and cons list, followed by an overall recommendation.

  • It's on your wrist, so it's pretty difficult to forget to take it with you.
  • It's quad band, so you can use it anywhere in the world.
  • It has a camera and plays audio and video.
  • It's a great conversation piece. Everybody calls you "James Bond" when you're wearing it :)
But it's all not puppies and rainbows.  There are some serious problems.

  • The user interface sucks.  A lot.  The software is just plain awful and it's difficult to use.
  • The Bluetooth functionality is buggy as hell.
  • The build quality sucks.  A lot.  (see next few points)
  • The stylus fell off within the first few weeks.
  • The latch for the USB port broke after a few months.
  • The band broke today.  This subsequently broke the casing and now it just says "Please insert SIM card" indefinitely.
So all in all, I think phone watches are a great idea, but I think we have to wait until Apple or Nokia has a crack at them.

Final recommendation

I definitely cannot recommend this particular product.

Hopefully we'll see some better ones on the market soon.  In the meantime, may mine rest in pieces... :(


  1. Arg. I was just going to ask where you got this watch, but I guess I'll have to pay a little more.


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