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Realtor Review: Colin Colpitts (PREC)

After my wife and I decided we would be buying a house in the Vancouver area, we dedicated a weekend to visiting open houses. The market has been very tight on the supply side for years, and just finding something in our price range was extremely difficult. The first question they asked at each open house was (as it should be), "Are you working with a realtor?" We hadn't planned to use a realtor, but decided together that to navigate the stormy waters of the GVA market, it would be helpful to have someone with some local and professional knowledge. After a fairly exhaustive search, I came across Colin Colpitts, who was in the local area. He had a nice, clean website, and had a reasonable number of positive reviews. I was initially very cautious about signing an agreement, as I had heard stories of people who were essentially "locked in" with a bad agent, but Colin quickly dispersed those fears by writing in a extra clause that made it clear that eit