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Two years in paradise

Looking down the peninsula from Timothy Hill upon our arrival Living on the small Caribbean island of Saint Kitts The good stuff "Buddies" One of the things I truly enjoy here is being in the water. I usually snorkel at least once a week and have taken up a bit of a hobby with underwater photography. Learning to scuba dive was amazing too! I also try to hike at least once a week. The volcano on the north side of the island hosts the famous "Crater Hike" -- a challenging yet very doable climb up to about 3,000ft. There's not a whole lot to do (besides chores) on the weekends, so we often head to the beach. Beach days are great. You can often find your own little spot, or join up with friends for a beach BBQ. What else is great about St. Kitts? It's quiet -- especially outside of tourist season. And you can hang your laundry and have it dry in a few hours. The not-so-great stuff So what about the downside to living in

Being wrong

Anyone who knows me knows one simple thing: I really, really hate being wrong. Everyone does. Nobody likes the feeling you get when you realize you're going to have to eat some humble pie. Mmmm... pecan humble pie But over the years, I've learned important lessons about how to handle this situation. I had one of these moments recently while registering a new car here on the island -- a long process that takes several hours and visits to 4 different places . (Traffic police, bank, insurance company, inland revenue) At the very first stop, the police traffic division, we realized that we were missing one of the two vehicle identification numbers. (Unlike American cars, Japanese vehicles have two VINs) The number had not been entered on any of the previous documentation. I had this situation with a previous car, and they went ahead and entered it with just the one number. This time they insisted they needed both numbers . I pushed back and tried to explai