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Fixed-Price Software Development

I had been putting together some notes to write a short article about the difficulties with fixed-price software development, but Scott Ambler beat me to it. I just read his excellent piece, entitled " Is Fixed-Price Software Development Unethical? " It's sure to spark some controversy. As he mentions, both academia and industry have been trying to figure out how to do this for decades now, and haven't had much success. The important thing to note is that he is talking about projects where the scope, schedule and cost are all determined upfront. To the inexperienced, this seems completely reasonable, but anyone who's done software development for long enough (10+ years) understands the problems with this approach: It is impossible to define a 100% precise scope upfront. The scope always changes. Frequently. Even with a 100% precise, fixed scope, your estimate will likely only have order of magnitude accuracy. Starting with a good estimate, the


It's getting more and more difficult to differentiate between the different types of spam. Just glancing at the last part of subject line, it looked like porn spam. Subject: Linux bash/perl programmer..........HOT HOT HOT and URGENT Turns out it was actually recruiter spam. Body: This is *** from ***.. Please let me know your comfortability ASAP.... I need a guy he must have at least 2 years of experience that his primary job is to write bash or perl script on linux machine.