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Review: Brian Kassab Realty in St. Kitts

We contacted  Brian Kassab Realty  by email back in June about an apartment rental. Their agent, Kym, responded in less than 24 hours with a complete list of everything available, complete with details. All of my follow-up questions were answered very quickly by email. This was great, as I very much prefer using email to having to call. She helped narrow down our choices, and decided on a unit in the St. Christopher Club in Frigate Bay. Kym was even nice enough to hold the condo for us while we waited for Mel's work visa to get processed. The lease and deposit were all done easily visa email. I was able to send a scanned copy of the signed lease, as well as our credit card information. They made the paperwork extremely easy for us. When we arrived, it was a simple matter of getting the keys from a lock box on the door knob, and we were in our new home. After our arrival, we did have a few maintenance issues. The condo is in an older building and hadn't been occ

Driving for 20 years

Ferrari GTO -- my 16-year old self's dream car As of this November, I've been driving for 20 years! I got my driver's license back in the good old days when there was no such thing as "graduated licensing". On my 16th birthday, I wrote a short multiple choice test to receive my learner's license, and enrolled in the Young Driver's education course -- something I would recommend for any young driver. Nearly a month later, I took the on-road driving test -- in a manual car, no less -- and was licensed to drive! By now, I've probably driven in about 10-15 different countries around the world, on the left and right side. Many, many thousands of kilometers later, driving is practically a natural instinct, and still a great way to get around. Of course, with Google's self-driving car , taking the wheel may someday become an old-fashioned novelty.