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Is skipping dinner healthy?

It's Thanksgiving time in Canada, so what better time to write about how eating affects your health. Depending on what and how much you eat, big holiday dinners can add up to 3000 , 5000 , or even 7000 calories -- several days of your caloric needs in one sitting. In fact, in North America, dinners are usually the largest meal, and it's quite easy to consume your an entire day's worth of calories just at dinner -- nevermind the other meals and snacks you had during the day. So if you're looking to cut back, lose a bit of weight, and cut down your belly size a bit, the logical place to start might be the last meal of the day. But is it healthy? This topic is a highly controversial one, and like most topics, there are good scientific studies backing up both sides of the argument. The traditional school of thought is that it's best to eat many small meals constantly during the day. This is thought to prevent cravings and avoid binging. The problem is tha