Why get a private pilot's license?

I just started my private pilot's licence (PPL) training here in New Zealand.

Flying a plane is something I've wanted to do for a long time, but never seemed to manage to have both the necessary time and money simultaneously.

So besides the obvious fun factor, why would anyone want to get a PPL?

Well, just like a driver's license gives you the basic freedom to rent or own a car and drive it on public roads, a pilot's license gives you the freedom to rent or own a plane, and fly it in controlled airspace.

Instead of driving to a vacation destination, you can head to an airport or flight club, and rent a plane for the weekend.  In addition to being faster, it can also be a more scenic, and possibly even less stressful mode of transportation.

As a bonus, my New Zealand PPL will be easily transferable to a Canadian license when I return.


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