Canada: A failure of democracy

The election is over. Here are the results:

$300 million was spent to bring us “democracy”, but nobody is happy with the results. Because of our antiquated electoral system:

  • The Bloc received 20 more seats than they deserved

  • The NDP received 18 less seats than they deserved

  • The Conservatives received 28 more seats than they deserved

  • The Greens received no seats at all -- 21 less than they deserved

  • People had to resort to strategic voting instead of voting for what they actually believed in

  • More people didn’t vote at all than the combined sum of Liberal and Conservative votes

If the Left had united, as the Right did in 2003, they would have formed a majority government. Unless reformed, our electoral system will eventually devolve into something even worse -- a dysfunctional two-party system like the United States.

Before the next federal election, we need to adopt a proportional, progressive system, like most modern nations already have.

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