Green Party leading Facebook "polls"

The Green Party seems to be using media and technology well so far in this campaign. I was surprised to see how quickly and effectively they were able to mobilize Canadians to help them secure a spot in the public debates.

Far from scientific, I've taken a quick "poll" of the official party pages on Facebook, a few days into the campaign. Currently they look like:

  • Green: 2,417 fans, 142 wall posts, 24 discussion topics

  • Liberal: 969 fans, 83 wall posts, 3 discussion topics

  • Conservative: 654 fans, 75 wall posts, 5 discussion topics

  • NDP: 437 fans, 19 wall posts, 2 discussion topics

I wonder if these numbers actually reflect the voting preferences of the "Facebook demographic". Someone should do a more scientific study. Any volunteers?


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